Smartlands Announces Partnership with Skyglyph

Smartlands ( is very excited to announce a major technological advance in the tokenization of agricultural assets through their partnership with Skyglyph ( Skyglyph is a cloud-based platform that has developed a proven technology to effectively evaluate agricultural assets and convert that evaluation into actionable Big Data.

The Smartlands — Skyglyph partnership will provide purchasers of the envisaged ABTs an unprecedented level of security. Skyglyph closes the gap between the evaluation and monitoring of the assets that serve as collateral and the owners of the tokens. Smartlands anticipates using Skyglyph technology both for initial evaluation and ongoing asset monitoring.

Smartlands considers the partnership with Skyglyph to be a major step forward in their mission to bring the benefits of information management to small farmers who account for 80% of the worlds’ food production. Skyglyph is excited to reach this important milestone in their global presence through participation in the development of a worldwide platform for the tokenization of agricultural assets.

The partnership represents the cutting edge of best practices in agriculture, data management and cryptocurrencies. This powerful combination of technologies will produce benefits for everyone from the small farmers to the cryptocurrency investors. The gains in agricultural production will extend even further and will contribute to the need to effectively feed a growing global population.


Smartlands cryptocurrency tokens will be fully collateralized by agricultural assets such as farming lands, fruit or nut orchards. This is known as tokenization, and provides the owners access to capital for improvements. The partnership with SkyGlyph brings cutting edge drone technology to the evaluation and monitoring of the tokenized assets. These strategic arrangements are fully in line with Smartlands business plan (White Paper).


This dynamic company captures images of agricultural assets such as fields and orchards with drones. The images are processed by a cloud-computing software solution and then interpreted through a combination of machine learning (ML) and human oversight. The resulting empirical information is collated into a useful database that can serve as a baseline for future evaluations and decisions.

Skyglyph has successfully implemented this technology to the crop-insurance industry. Its clients include Assicurazioni Generali (the largest insurance company in Italy and the third largest in the world), and Vereinigte Hagel (the leading specialty insurer in crop production). Together, Skyglyph’s clients insure over 15 million hectares of cropland, equal to about Hungary and Croatia combined.

Smartlands is a worldwide Platform for assets tokenization by issuing security tokens (ST)