@Smartlands token #SLT is listed on the one of the most popular app for managing cryptocurrencies Blockfolio: https://smartlands.io/wp/2018/05/15/651/

SLT, Smartlands token is listed on the Blockfolio app. One of the most popular application for managing cryptocurrencies added to StellarTerm (Stellar decentralized exchange) with the relevant assets and SLT in particular.

More than 1 000 000 users are using this app as an effective tool for the managing crypto assets, up-to-date exchange prices and market analysis and receiving updates directly from projects’ teams. Blockfolio app has global coverage with more than 100 exchanges (Coinbase, Binance, Bittrex, Bithumb etc).

The listing in the free Blockfolio app is a great opportunity for SLT holders to track prices and updates from the Smartlands team. Moreover, it is an additional opportunity to reach out to new crypto enthusiasts. It is available on iOS through the App Store and on Android through Google Play.