Kyiv Ukraine, September 7, 2021: Smartlands releases another wallet update with a staking module and USDC/XLM trading pair.

We are excited to notify our audience: another upgrade of the SLT Wallet has been made. With today’s release, we added the staking feature. The technical side is tested and ready to be used, and as it was announced previously, the staking will start later this year.

This is the August edition of Smartlands monthly — your source of the news and updates on all our projects!

In the last month, we have made significant progress on the platform functionality, and our following updates will cove the staking module, ledger compatibility, and some more useful features. Alongside that, we have announced our commitments for revenue generation and the date of staking to commence.
Let’s review our recent articles and video materials.

With this article, we describe our activities over the last few months and present our token holders and other interested parties with our short-term roadmap to revenue generation in both Liechtenstein and Ukraine.


As announced earlier this year, Smartlands confirmed the “soft” launch of the beta version of our asset tokenization platform in Ukraine. …

In this article, we describe the process of setting up and using an SSO between the Smartlands marketplace and the SLT Wallet.

Case 1. A user doesn’t have an SLT wallet.

1. A user logs into Smartlands Marketplace with his login and password details.

Kyiv Ukraine, August 11, 2021: Smartlands releases a platform update with SSO connecting the Smartlands marketplace and the SLT Wallet.

We are delighted to inform our audience that another upgrade of the platform has been made. The central part of this technical release is Single Sign-On functionality. It enables an easy signing on for the wallet users to the platform, and vice versa connects the personal accounts on the platform with the wallet features.

This functionality update also includes integration with Hubspot, which is a marketing, sales CRM, customer service, CMS, and operations software on one platform. …

London, UK, August 06, 2021: Smartlands is happy to announce the newest addition to its team. Welcome aboard, Kateryna Lytvyn, the new Customer Success Manager.

Kateryna loves helping people and solving the most challenging problems, her experience covering customer support of financial products and payment services, including crypto payments. She will bring to the Smartlands team a strong link between our users, technical team, and marketing and will start building a systematic approach to customer service.

“As the new Customer Success Manager of Smartlands, I see my primary goal in establishing effective communication with the customers of all our products…

Hi everyone, we hope you are enjoying the summer days!
We can assure you it’s really hot in Ukraine.

To sum up, what Smartlands has achieved during the last month we’ve gathered this newsletter and offer you to look through our technical updates and other articles.

Last week we relaunched our wallet, and now we are happy to share some simple advice on how to start using it.

First of all, you might need an answer to ‘why do I need an SLT Wallet at all?’ You can certainly use it to keep or trade SLT; the following technical updates will let you participate in staking and voting as soon as Smartlands alternative investment platform is ready for retail investors. Those who passed KYC will be able to invest in listed assets right here in the wallet.

For now, here are several easy steps to set…

Kyiv Ukraine, July 23d, 2021: we are pleased to announce the opening of our registered subsidiary company in Ukraine.

Our legal counsel Volodymyr Vorobiov has finalized the process of the new company registration today.

London UK, July 20th, 2021: The Smartlands technical team is pleased to unveil the much-anticipated SLT Wallet.

The upgraded wallet was rebuilt to comply with the Smartlands platform architecture, and now our smart contracts fully reflect all the latest changes in Stellar protocol. At the same time, we aimed to preserve the layout visually familiar to our users.

The new SLT wallet supports all the accounts generated in the previous version of the wallet, and should there be forgotten funds in the SLT wallet, one can easily access them with the account details.

“We are happy to fulfill this initial…

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Smartlands is a worldwide Platform for assets tokenization by issuing security tokens (ST)

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